Gantt Charts

Due to the number of requests I’ve had for Gantt chart dashboards, I figured that I would post an example with my own technique. This really isn’t any different than other Xcelsius examples on the web, except that it tends to look better in my customized theme than it does in Nova or Halo. To take this example to the next level, I’ve added a few extra series to allow for the banding of rows in the table and to toggle on/off the critical path display.


Square Charts in Xcelsius

I’ve seen the following effect in a number of infographics and presentations to display a percentage visually (opposed to a pie chart). While I figured that most people design these manually, I decided it would be fun to figure out the logic for when you use the different displays (e.g. bottom right 5×5 for 25%, exclude top left 4×4 for 86%, or just fill from the bottom with 52%).


Dynamic Drillable Xcelsius Sales Funnel

While I’m probably two years too late on this, I’d figured that I would give it a shot based on the popularity of my previous (image based) sales funnel template. Colors for the most part have been keyed to Hex numbers in the underlying table, so it should be very easy to apply your own color scheme. When asked about such a template, readers of this blog also mentioned label lines which you will see was more complicated for me to implement than the actual funnel.


Dashboard Color Selection

I’m constantly looking for new color themes for my dashboards, but I tend not to record the ones that I liked. To solve my dilemma, I have created the dashboard picker to start storing color themes and quickly display them in a graph. Many times I have seen themes that I like on Adobe’s Kuler and only to find out that they don’t translate well to graph format.

Please feel free to share your color theme suggestions and I’ll add them to the dashboard. Hex or RGB formats are both fine. My initial version has some colors that I think work, and some that don’t translate as well.

– Josh