IronViz Feeder: Food Fight

For the food fight challenge I quickly explored the example data sets that were provided and decided that I wanted to do something totally different. On a side note, my 12 year-old daughter has only recently started eating hamburgers, and has fallen in love with Five Guys where you can pick your own toppings. While in line to pick up dinner for us, I thought that showing the toppings in an infographic style could be a fun effect… (Read on for more / Click image to visit the Viz)



DataDare Challenge for International Women’s Day

I was recently challenged by Jonni Walker (@jonni_walker) to a Data-Dare with the topic of International Women’s Day, which is March 8th. You can find out more about the day here: and make your own #PledgeforParity!

click on image for Tableau

I plan on posting more details on the Data-Dare site but I can say that I wanted to try a bi-variate map inspired by Joshua Steven’s work.

Makeover Monday Week 5 – 2/1/16

This week’s #MakeoverMonday challenge was based on an article that indicated that Travel Agents are a thing of the past. The chart showed the relationship of online hotel revenue compared to the number of travel agents from 2000-2014. Based on the data, I agreed that there was a sharp decline in agents. However, for the past three years the number of agents has remained fairly constant and in fact increased in 2014. When I set the Y-Axis to start at zero, we can see that there are still a lot of agents remaining while online hotel revenue continues to grow.


Makeover Monday Challenge: Week 3 (1/18/2016)

Take a look around the web and you will see that there are a lot of us trying to keep up with the #MakeoverMonday challenges. I thought about this one for a while today before I went to implement the design. Even then I struggled with a few variations and felt like I could do many more. Luckily others have built out some of those ideas, so I can see how the options stack up.

Here is my version, but please read on to see the original…


Tableau Invisible Shape Trick

Have you ever been frustrated with that light blue background when you select something in Tableau? This is particularly problematic when you have white text, because you can’t read the selection. Recently I figured out that I can use a fully transparent shape to change this effect. I’m sure that someone else must have figured this out by now, but I’ll share my technique here.

Take this awesome phone ready dashboard example by Zen Master Kelly Martin. On my phone it looks great, but it is really easy to fat finger selecting a KPI and then it makes the text white on a light blue background. So let’s take 2 minutes to fix that.



Tableau Color Palettes

While there are a number of great posts on how to create a custom color palette in Tableau, they don’t necessarily give you examples to start with. I have taken 25 different color palettes from around the web and added them into this single dashboard in hopes to inspire future Visualizations. If you have other palettes to share, list the HEX numbers in the comments below.

Click on the image to view the Palette Generator on Tableau Public