SAP Lumira Cloud

I’ve finally had a chance to sit down with SAP’s new Lumira Cloud offering and have found it to be a really nice tool. The fact that it is all HTML5 and looks great on the iPad are huge in my opinion and this product has real potential.


My first chart was a simple column chart. Having read Pieter’s experiences on his blog, I knew enough to include the measure in both the value and Y-Axis fields. While this seemed a bit odd to me at first, I soon realized that I can use this same logic to create a horizontal bar chart by placing measure into the X-Axis field. I like that functionality!


While I experimented with a lot of options (transparency, row/column trellis, etc.), I found that the animation option was very cool. By using a date in that field, you can see changes over time which work especially well on a bubble chart. It’s pretty much like an HTML5 version of Gapminder!

The line charts worked as expected with the one exception that I couldn’t seem to make series appear as different colored lines. It worked fine in a Trellis, but on the regular line chart it gave me a multi-colored legend, but only a single line would appear.


So with only a few minor issues reminding us that this is still in beta (like not being able to delete data sets), this product is really cool and certainly worth trying out… especially with it being free and all. There also look to be some great features on the way if you check out the SAP presentation referenced on SCN.


Try Lumira Could Here
SAP Presentation