Xcelsius Fullscreen Revisited

I’ve had a lot of comments and questions on the topic of the fullscreen functionality available in my core Xcelsius template. This technique requires you to embed a swf button that triggers the fullscreen and you will need to add a single line of code to your HTML file that contains the Xcelsius SWF. If you do not embed the file directly into the HTML (such as saving directly to InfoView), you cannot use this function without additional work.

Originally I created my own fullscreen SWF button with Flash utilizing a tutorial I found, but a reader (Heath) on the MyXcelsius blog made a much better version that I now use exclusively. Here are the exact steps that I take to make it work.

1.) Import my own fullscreen icon using the image component
2.) Import the Flash (swf) button using the image component
3.) Put the Flash button over the image icon, and then make the button 100% transparent
4.) Add the following to your Xcelsius SWF object embed in the HTML code: param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”

Click to view the example below or see the entire post to download the source files.

Fullscreen Example

Download XLF File