Creating Google Data Tables from Excel

Google charts are an amazing resource and you can’t beat the price, but it is a little tricky switching between those and Xcelsius. While the Google Code Playground offers a great place to test new designs and save for later use (wouldn’t this be great in Xcelsius?), I find that I get off to a slow start with my sample data because it needs to be in the Google Data Table format. Additionally, it allows for custom tool tips… but, you have to have those included in the data table. This includes any formatting that you would want to show on displayed values.

To help facilitate the process, I have created a simple Excel spreadsheet that can translate about 100 rows of 8 columns (plus Axis labels) into the Google Data Table format with an easy copy/paste. The table will appropriate format the values and the labels for String, Number, Currency and Boolean field types.

Step 1: Input the data on the First Tab (Including field types and Column Headers)

Step 2: Copy the range of cells on the Second Tab with displayed text

Step 3: Paste your data table into the appropriate section of your HTML or Google Code Playground example

If you have any thoughts, questions or improvements on this process. Please let me know.

Download File