Dynamic Positioning & Moving Objects

I recently saw an enhancement request for Xcelsius to key chart positions off of Excel bindings. Also inspired by my co-worker (Ron Keler) and his work on this concept in our HTML5 enabled dashboards, I decided to add an Xcelsius template to my blog that could accomplish this.

Of course this is well beyond the OotB functionality, but the affordable Floating Background add-on from Inovista ($49) gives us the flexibility needed for this effect. Read on for more details and tips on this solution.

Here is our HTML5 Example:

A key piece of the floating background add-on is that you need to select an SVG for the background. This SVG needs to be big enough to display the components that should be displayed within in. I then recommend that you left and top align both objects.

My secret however is to use Inkscape to create SVG images with my desired dimensions, but then I leave them blank so they are completely transparent. I have included several examples in the ZIP file below.

Also, if you are embedding non-Inovista components on the floating background, you first need to save the XLF and import the saved version in the properties for the component. It is really straight forward, but you will want to spend a few minutes looking at all of the options.

This XLF Template:

– File was prepared with Xcelsius 2008, Service Pack 4, version

Download XLF File