At it again… Getting Alaska and Hawaii on the Map

So there was a great FiveThirtyEight visualization this week that had a county-level sequential map showing disease related deaths.  Their map had AK and HI so it reminded me that I still wasn’t satisfied with any of my current solutions in Tableau.  In doing a little research, I found that was referred to as the Albers US Projection.


I knew that I was out of my league when I couldn’t find a shapefile in that format, so I collaborated with my colleague, Jake Riley.  Jake did all of the hard work and the next morning he provided me with a Tableau dataset capable of making these awesome maps.

He made both the state and county versions and I have included the CSV files here:



Since the FiveThirtyEight map was so compelling, I went back to the source data and pulled information for some of the more interesting changes in fatality rates by disease between 1980 and 2014.  I then created a small multiple map, but used the same color scheme as the original.

Here is the custom color scheme:

<color-palette name=”FiveThirtyEight Seq Map” type=”ordered-sequential” >

I’m really excited about how clean this looks, and you can check out my working dashboard by clicking on the image below.