Philly Food Truck Data

For my class at Temple I was looking for some good local data to teach people about maps & Tableau Mapbox integration. So I came across the site and they provided me with a full download of their data files for a unique little data set!


With the data set I found that I needed to clean up bad characters in the Food Truck business names, and I combined the genre types/sub-types for the tool tips. I found the top left image and decided to use that as the theme of my entire dashboard. Finally I used ascii stars in the tooltips for ratings. I’m really disappointed that there is no half-star symbol.


Here is my working version of the dashboard:


Now here are the versions created by some of the students in my Data Visualization class. I was impressed that all three of these entries utilized custom tooltips!

Abraham Shapiro:


Alex Barday:


Jing Wang: