Tableau Template – Bootstrap Portal Theme

Since seeing the work that is doing with wrapping Tableau in a bootstrap portal, I loved the idea but haven’t had the time to build (or more accurately have my team build) the framework to support it. I also interact with over 100 site owners of varying skill levels, and not everyone is looking to support a portal solution outside of the Tableau server.

So I’ve turned to Robert Rouse’s slide out Menu Container in order to achieve the same effect. While I’m not a big fan of supporting custom tricks, once this solution is implemented, it isn’t hard for others to modify and support.

This is my attempt to practice this technique and make a template example that could be reused for simple dashboards.


Knowing that this bootstrap portal was the inspiration, I used a similar color scheme to implement the idea and practice this new technique myself.

Here is what the original bootstrap portal looks like.


Below is the actual template using our favorite Superstore Data. If you try taking it apart, you will notice that I plan to add another slide-down from above as well at some point in the future.

Click on the image for the working version and then let me know what you think!