Bust Your #ColorFlab in 3 Easy Steps!

In talking about color on Twitter, I wanted to show my 3 step process to spice up your charts!


Read on…

To start, I can’t stress enough how much I look up to @VizCandy and reference her blog posts on a regular basis. But similar to the concept of “7 minute abs,” sometimes there is a faster way to get the job done. Although like cutting a real workout short, you loose the long term benefits.

Learn about 10 steps to color in Tableau here… but seriously who has time for 10 steps these days? This is a great technique when you are doing something quickly, like #MakeoverMonday.

Also a shout out to @WindsCogley for the idea and blog post title!

Before we start, we have our boring ‘out-of-the-box’ colors:


Step 1: Grab and image

On a dashboard, you start with a text box and an image that you want to sample. I like to search on ‘retro infographic.’


Step 2: Sample the colors

Format the text in your text box, and pull the sampled colors to the stored color area.


Step 3: Reassign the colors

Edit your colors on the chart by grabbing the saved options from the color picker.



Great looking charts in 30% of the time!