Makeover Monday Week 5 – 2/1/16

This week’s #MakeoverMonday challenge was based on an article that indicated that Travel Agents are a thing of the past. The chart showed the relationship of online hotel revenue compared to the number of travel agents from 2000-2014. Based on the data, I agreed that there was a sharp decline in agents. However, for the past three years the number of agents has remained fairly constant and in fact increased in 2014. When I set the Y-Axis to start at zero, we can see that there are still a lot of agents remaining while online hotel revenue continues to grow.


You can download the workbook HERE.

Here is the original chart for reference from the Business Insider.


Andy Kriebel went with a very similar approach using the connected scatterplot. He used dashed lines, which came out very well but also used an adjusted scale similar to the original. I find it interesting how our two charts while so similar can tell such a different story based on scale alone.

Hotel Revenue and Travel Agents - Step 5

See Andy’s post HERE.