Makeover Monday Week 4

Week 4 of #MakeoverMonday is here and my goal is to quickly show and shock you by how little savings most Americans have…


Now, did I do a better job than the original versions from While I think that the orginals were colorful, I’m not sure that I would call them quick to interpret.



The initial intent appears to be first and foremost that Americans aren’t saving enough and then which generations are saving better than others.

My goal was to create a simple, blog-sized visualization that would be quick to consume. While a simple bar chart for each generation’s distribution with $1k or greater savings would have been sufficient, it seemed to lack the emotional impact of seeing all of the people who fell below that threshold.

I then kept that consistent color legend and showed the distribution by savings response for the overall population, which I thought was interesting supporting information but not as relevant as the overall message. This also helped show how I categorized the original set of charts into a simplified message.