Makeover Monday Challenge: Week 3 (1/18/2016)

Take a look around the web and you will see that there are a lot of us trying to keep up with the #MakeoverMonday challenges. I thought about this one for a while today before I went to implement the design. Even then I struggled with a few variations and felt like I could do many more. Luckily others have built out some of those ideas, so I can see how the options stack up.

Here is my version, but please read on to see the original…

The original chart is challenging enough with the donut charts, but the dots to represent the change in Intent to Purchase just puts it over the top. Andy’s comment on Twitter was that he was going to try to stick to grayscale for this one, so I did too. I had originally tried a version with Black/Red and I’ll include that below.

Original chart: Business Insider


Initially I thought about using icons, but that seemed too time consuming. I also stared with more of a lollipop chart that I had planned to add icons on the side.


When that didn’t wow me, I went to the DNA style chart but initially used a Red/Black scale. In fact I added a parameter so I could toggle between a grayscale palette, but I didn’t like the fact that 2015 vs. 2016 wasn’t clear enough.


Since there wasn’t a lot of data this felt like it needed to focus on a simple chart and I did my best to accomplish that in a short period of time (and in grayscale). Here is an image of the final version.