Makeover Monday Challenge: 1/11/2016


Zen Master Andy Kriebel has extended his #MakeoverMonday challenges to the Tableau community and it seemed like the perfect time to join in on the fun.  Here is my ‘shot’ at this basketball data set.

SCurry Shot Chart

Here is the original chart for this data set from


The point of the article was to highlight that Stephen Curry doesn’t make a lot of shots between 7 and 21 ft.  I also wondered if this was related to the likelihood to score (considering that I don’t know much about Basketball).  The data had X/Y coordinates, so it seemed really hard to pass up trying to make a court map.

I first tried to overlay the data with the court map from the diagram on the actual NBASavant site.  I found that the X axis was inverted on NBA Savant site and I wasn’t sure if the really far points were outliers or data errors.  Here is my overlay when I compared it in Tableau where I added the court background as a map image. I highlighted a few shots (in Tableau) on the outer rim and then tried to line them up specifically with the NBASavant data. Through this process I was able to come up with the XY placement and size for the court diagram.


Once I was happy with the layout, I wanted my own empty diagram that was the same dimensions, so I built it from scratch in PowerPoint. This allowed me to customize the map colors where I tried both color and B&W option. While I was in PowerPoint I also used the option to remove the background from my selected Stephen Curry image in case I wanted to partially float him over any elements.


It took me a lot longer than expected to pull this together, only to sink further time into customizing the tool tips. After seeing some of the other versions on Twitter, I’m concerned that my summary calculations may be off. In general I was a bit skeptical that there are underlying data issues when I compared basket distance on the XY chart. Given the short deadline, I guess I would have to call this my best attempt and the reason why it’s a good idea to keep practicing with theses types of assignments.

Finally, here is the viz in play.  Please share any thoughts or ideas for improvement!