Tableau Practice – Donut Progress Bars

In browsing Pinterest for dashboard ideas, I see a lot of dashboards with Donut style progress bars. Here is a practice example that I pulled together from one of those images I found.


Ultimately I still like the look of the original version better. I think that the gray section at the top offers more contrast and the gray icons are more neutral. The icons that I used are very similar to the blue progress bar, so it feels like they should all be affiliated.

Setting up the donut charts wasn’t hard, but became tedious when I started moving things around. I created the “pie hole” and shadow in PowerPoint and overlaid them as floating objects. With Tableau’s pixel perfect alignment, it was easy to make sure that they were all scaled the same and aligned. But when I rearranged the dashboard sections (multiple times), it became a bit frustrating to move the six additional graphics around each time.

Here is a snippet of the original version…


Follow this Pin to the original.

The custom colors used were as follows:

#f7d92d – Yellow
#67aecc – Blue
#e89a48 – Orange
#dddddd – Gray

Finally the Sketched Icons can be found on Deviant Art here.