Career Path Dashboard in Tableau

Creating simple dashboards with Tableau is very fast and easy. I’m trying to understand the full limits of more customized dashboards compared to what I would have done in the past with Xcelsius/SAP Dashboards or even Excel. Today I have finally recreated my career path dashboard on Tableau Public, and I admit that it was a bit tricky to build the 30 different parameters into the one skill chart on the bottom right.


Click the image above or the following link:!/vizhome/CareerPath_0/CareerPath

I was able to setup all of the inputs as parameters and added them to the input tab. The issue that I’m having is figuring out how to pass values to the parameters from the URL string. It looks like I should be able to based on online documentation, but I haven’t found an example that works the way that I expect it to.

It seems like I should be able to add ?Skill%201=Visualization at the end of the link to pre-populate the first skill. Once I figure this out, it would be really easy for people to re-use the dashboard with their own personalized link. Has anyone else figured this out?

If you would like to compare this Tableau dashboard to my other versions, here are the links:

Xcelsius –

Excel –