Animated Slide-out Panel and Other Dashboard Tricks

In looking to improve the quality of my Xcelsius/SAP Dashboard data visualizations and incorporate UX in line with current web trends, I have been working with Inovista over the past few months to better understand their add-on suite. I would say that there is a lot of power here, with many hidden gems. The mobile options hold some cool tricks, and you don’t have to be using their mobile stand-alone app to enjoy the benefits.

Lead Conversion Dashboard(Click Image to Launch Interactive Version)

My next few blog posts will go into more detail about how to implement some of these cool features, but check out this example. In particular I’m showcasing my ability to have animated slide-out panels, but I also have used Inovista donut charts (instead of layering circles over pies), which included the option to make series completely transparent. I’m also using their custom chart set to remove all shadows/gloss and other chart junk from the stacked column. Not to mention that I was able to drop labels, so I’m not showing every date period.

Finally, I used the ‘swipe manager’ mobile component to suppress global scroll bars. No longer will I have to leave blank space around the outer edge of the model, and this is particularly important because I’ve used a ‘bump off screen’ effect in my dashboard animation.

Let me know what you think and if there are any areas that I should focus on for my Inovista tutorials. Here are some things that I’ve found interesting:

– Creating Gantt charts by setting the first series (lead time) to be transparent
– Creating a stacked column / line combo chart without layering charts.
– Custom tabs with mouse-over highlights, which you loose if using images
– Dynamically changing chart types at runtime
– Animated slide-outs and drop-downs
– Packaging up a dashboard for use with the Inovista mobile app.
– In-cell charting (Stephen Few style)

To learn along with me, you can get the trial versions of the Inovista components here:

If you have the components installed and want to see my source file for this sample dashboard, email me at with Inovista in the subject line.