Reimagining the Xcelsius Experience

I started this blog several years back when I created my custom Xcelsius theme. But challenges when upgrading versions of Xcelsius and the fact that it doesn’t work in the mobile version has been disappointing. Now I finally have the chance to work with a more reliable solution that can produce lightweight, minimalist charts consistently. Powered by Inovista, this custom add-on suite and super simple stand-alone iPad app allows me to get the visuals I want with the bonus of accessing Business Objects BI services without needing a BI 4.1 environment!

While the ASUG Developer Wars have slowed down my progress, this has been a project that Inovista and I have been working on almost every day (even weekends and holidays)! It looks like I’ll fall short of my 14 day goal to produce something amazing. Yet, I hope this shows good promise as we finalize the submission of the app and begin to create more examples following data visualization best practices.

In addition to lightweight charts, I’m able to leverage capabilities to move/animate components. Even with dynamic positioning of the canvas component in Dashboards 4.1, I still like this version better. I plan to work on some effects that replicate common jQuery mobile functionality (like slide-out panels).

Click on the following image to interact with the SWF that corresponds to my mobile example. If you have any ideas or suggestions for examples, send me an email at