Inspiration for Better Presentations

While PowerPoint may be considered a necessary evil, the reality is that you start with a blank screen. I believe it is the responsibility of the presenter to deliver interesting content, regardless of the tool. With the hopes of seeing better presentations in the world, I’d like to point out a great set of templates from


In trying to keep up with presentation best practices and current trends, I visit often and check out several of the daily top presentations. I find that these presentations tend to use a lot of images and organic styled notes/annotations. I’ve found through my own experiences that well placed annotations can really add to both presentations and dashboards, which is why I like the Infodiagram style!

I can group standard shapes and apply gradients just fine, but making charcoal style highlights are beyond my artistic capabilities. Furthermore, when I told the nice folks over at Infodiagram that I wanted to mention their product on my blog, they provided a 10% discount code to my readers (first 100 users through the end of August): hi_dataink_diagrams



On the Infodiagram site, they have a variety of hand-drawn styles covering highlights, icons and even project management. Beyond presentations, you could use these designs for wireframes and even within SAP dashboards. Below is a simple wireframe that I quickly assembled, but I think that there is good potential here to customize some stencils for hand-drawn style mock-ups.


Taking this a step further, we can save our Infodiagram stencils in our PowerMockup add-in (see my previous post on this tool). Then we can quickly access all of our new hand-drawn shapes without having to open the original templates!


And finally, we can right click to save the shapes as .PNG from PowerPoint, and include them in our dashboards.