Xcelsius Tag Cloud

I have been thinking about creating a tag cloud in Xcelsius for some time. I had tried the Web 2.0 add-on, but it was never officially released for production and I found it to be very buggy. So the only thing left to do would be to create my own.

To make sure that this would work properly, I stuck with proven components. Ron Keler from BIHappyBlog.com has taught me about EIC connectivity as part of our latest portal integration project and that seemed like the easiest way to accomplish the tag cloud functionality.

Tag Cloud Example

Read on for more details…


Charts with Breakfast

I have a pile of chart examples from the WSJ that I thought would be fun to replicate. This morning while having my coffee and breakfast, I decided to put a quick template together. This example uses bubble sizes above a column chart to display another measure across the X-Axis (time in this example).

I would say that a combo chart or two small bar/column charts side by side would be more effective, but I could see this style being used in more of an Infographic style presentation.

Chart Sample 1


Dynamic Positioning & Moving Objects

I recently saw an enhancement request for Xcelsius to key chart positions off of Excel bindings. Also inspired by my co-worker (Ron Keler) and his work on this concept in our HTML5 enabled dashboards, I decided to add an Xcelsius template to my blog that could accomplish this.

Of course this is well beyond the OotB functionality, but the affordable Floating Background add-on from Inovista ($49) gives us the flexibility needed for this effect. Read on for more details and tips on this solution.

Here is our HTML5 Example: