Reimagining the Xcelsius Experience

I started this blog several years back when I created my custom Xcelsius theme. But challenges when upgrading versions of Xcelsius and the fact that it doesn’t work in the mobile version has been disappointing. Now I finally have the chance to work with a more reliable solution that can produce lightweight, minimalist charts consistently. Powered by Inovista, this custom add-on suite and super simple stand-alone iPad app allows me to get the visuals I want with the bonus of accessing Business Objects BI services without needing a BI 4.1 environment!

new_app (more…)

Charts with Breakfast

I have a pile of chart examples from the WSJ that I thought would be fun to replicate. This morning while having my coffee and breakfast, I decided to put a quick template together. This example uses bubble sizes above a column chart to display another measure across the X-Axis (time in this example).

I would say that a combo chart or two small bar/column charts side by side would be more effective, but I could see this style being used in more of an Infographic style presentation.

Chart Sample 1


Gantt Charts

Due to the number of requests I’ve had for Gantt chart dashboards, I figured that I would post an example with my own technique. This really isn’t any different than other Xcelsius examples on the web, except that it tends to look better in my customized theme than it does in Nova or Halo. To take this example to the next level, I’ve added a few extra series to allow for the banding of rows in the table and to toggle on/off the critical path display.