SAP Dashboards for Mobile

I’ve been working on converting some existing dashboards and building new ones for SP5 to display in the MoBI app. So far I’ve been able to get pretty far, but I am finding that I need to layer objects differently and mouse-overs work differently since they appear on top of everything and you can’t see values in the bottom layers if you are stacking charts. Here is a screenshot from the iPad of my ‘Infographics Dashboard’ conversion.

Keep posted as I continue to develop for mobile and I will share some of my tips and tricks. I’ve already been able to create a dynamic sales funnel, so I’m pleased by that, but disappointed that there is no XY or Bubble Chart. I also miss the spreadsheet component, which gave me the ability to fine-tune larger visual displays with a single component (instead of numerous shapes and text boxes).

– Josh

HTML5 Dashboard Examples

While I’m still in the process of blogging about the differences in charting capabilities between Xcelsius and Google Charts, I thought that I would share a dashboard that is rather similar between the two technologies.  

The following images show a layout (high & low contrast) that was based on my Xcelsius infographic template from a few months back.  You can see the original HERE.

Then click on the images below to see them in action.  Don’t forget to test them out on your iPad and phone too!

HTML5 Infographic Dashboard (Low Contrast)

HTML5 Infographic Dashboard (High Contrast)