Tableau Template – Bootstrap Portal Theme

Since seeing the work that is doing with wrapping Tableau in a bootstrap portal, I loved the idea but haven’t had the time to build (or more accurately have my team build) the framework to support it. I also interact with over 100 site owners of varying skill levels, and not everyone is looking to support a portal solution outside of the Tableau server.

So I’ve turned to Robert Rouse’s slide out Menu Container in order to achieve the same effect. While I’m not a big fan of supporting custom tricks, once this solution is implemented, it isn’t hard for others to modify and support.

This is my attempt to practice this technique and make a template example that could be reused for simple dashboards.


How to Map Alaska… A Partially Successful Story

Recently on Twitter, local Philly viz enthusiast @CoreyJ34 asked if we could use @sirvizalot‘s Hex map technique to move the states around to get Alaska and Hawaii on a single map so that we don’t have to float elements. This is a particularly useful idea if we are thinking about a scenario where we swap between map types (standard, tile, hex). This is ultimately a blog post about several failures and a partial success.  But failing is amusing… so read on for your own amusement.